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HIPAA Compliant Data Backup

Onsite and Cloud Backup Options

Data Continuity Planning

Reliable Data Restoration and Recovery

HIPAA Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 requires most healthcare providers (doctors, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, etc.) to adhere to certain standards of privacy and security. Both of our backup solutions comply with these government requirements by encrypting sensitive patient data and securely storing it onsite or in the cloud. Let us help you protect your business and your customers by keeping your data HIPAA compliant.

Onsite Backup

Every four hours, our software takes a “snapshot” image (like a camera) of your entire server and saves those images on an external hard drive. In the event of a network failure, this software will recover your entire system to almost any computer, and get your organization back up and functioning immediately. We recommend utilizing both our cloud and onsite backup solutions for quick recovery, and long-term retention.

Cloud Backup

This is our online, offsite backup solution. With this option, your most important business files (ones you cannot operate without) are fully encrypted and securely backed up in the cloud. This is one of the only backup software’s available that allows you to keep permanent, unlimited versions of your files online - you can retrieve a file from a previous day, week, or even year!

Data Continuity Planning

Accidents will happen, despite every precaution we can take to avoid them. We will help you understand which of your files need to be backed up, so in the event of a disaster you are still able to keep your business running successfully. Backing up your systems will minimize the impacts of any disaster - preserving your assets, protecting your clients, minimizing monetary losses, and building a resilient system.



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