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Data Backup

A new customer posed a question to us. "We need to get our data off-site but do not want to use a third party online vendor." Many companies have this issue. They have been burned before with online solutions companies that back their data up but are unable to successfully restore it in a reasonable time. While KNS has a great online backup and recovery solution partner, this particular client did not want to go that route.

Instead we looked at their network. Their main office is in Silverdale with a branch office in Sequim. We had connected the two offices together via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to utilize their existing servers shared resources and company database. Having a VPN between the two offices means that the two are connected on the same logical network. They are in essence one.

Being one network, but physically seperated, we installed a network storage device in Sequim. From the server in Silverdale we were able to schedule regular offsite backups up to Sequim. These backups are able to be off hours when network traffic is minimal, so not to interrupt with regular business traffic. Backups are monitored with daily reports to our admins as well as the office manager. This way everyone knows how the backups are doing and people can rest in knowing the data is in fact being backed up and most importantly to a trusted location.