Why is Back-Up Testing important?

Here is a few tips on the importance of Back-Up testing from our lead Technician:

All too often when companies invest time and money into a backup solution they get into the habit of “set it and forget it.” Hardware failure is all too common and if backups aren’t tested regularly you may not be able to recover your most recent items, if anything at all. According to “The Symantec Disaster Recovery Research” report, 48% of the test recoveries run by companies testing disaster recovery (DR) plans fail. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself regarding backups:

  • Are your backups being monitored and are reports generated based on the outcome?
  • Can your backup be restored if the original computer is no longer functional?
  • Is the hardware storing the backups functioning properly?
  • Is your backup media protected in case of theft?

If you answered no to any of the previous statements call Kitsap Networking Services, Inc. to schedule a backup audit!

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